New Notion Dashboard

The thing about being sick is that it shakes up your world and whatever momentum you have is lost. Thus, upon my recovery and in an attempt to regain control, I’ve updated my Notion dashboard along with a few other things that I will detail below.

New Dashboard

Unfortunately, I cannot display what the previous dashboard looks like as the original structure was older than 30 days and only the enterprise version allow you to go back further in history.

This new dashboard features my four main areas based on the P.A.R.A. Method. Each is decked out with new icons. I then pull from those to include filtered and linked databases for a monthly planning guide, writing project list, and master project list.

Monthly Planning

Notion is an interesting place as I mainly use it for documentation and planning reconciliation. The reason for this is that I keep a physical notebook where I write a monthly page with goals and targets and big goals. This is repeated onto a white board for daily reminder. Therefore, when it comes to monthly planning, Notion data is recorded post-planning.

The monthly page contains what I defined big goals for the month followed by a few focus tasks I want to get done. A calendar is included to mark anything big or known.

Next we hop to the trackers. My minimum to workout is 3x a week so I just check when that happens. Next is for my big writing project in which I aim to hit 3k words per month. I also track all writing in my writing log, but I want to track this project specifically hence its callout. Lastly is the book shelf, which is a linked and filtered portion of a larger database in which I track my reads. View where I copied my bookshelf template as it includes a nice progress formula.

Projects List

The projects list is nothing special and is just a Notion database of things I need to do. As you can view in the dashboard gif up top, there isn’t much listed. This is because I use Trello to execute on projects and I use Notion to (now) document the projects. As time moves, more and more of the project list will be filled out as well as the pages themselves. I’ll show more of the project pages themselves at a later time.

Update Complete

For what seems like so little, it took a bit of time to get done. Further, this helped me get out of my rut in trying to figure out what I need to work on after two weeks being sick and recovering. Notion seems fun and interesting to use as personal wiki and project page. I hope to show you more of my use in the future.