Here are some active projects that I am working on.

The Big Projects


ApexThis, LLC is an independent production & publication house focusing on audio (audiobooks, podcasts), books, and other creative projects. Founded in 2015, ApexThis aims to create and share stories that transport you into another world by generating our own projects and working with limited partners.

AKA – It is my publishing and production imprint for all my creative efforts. By extension this features the ApexThis.Podcast for a behind-the-scenes look.

Site: ApexThis

The Productivity Lab

A podcast where we put to test various productivity tools and methods and see how it impacts our day-to-day.

Site: Productivity Show

Austin Podcasters Meetup

I no longer run the Austin Podcaster’s Meetup, ending a 3+ year run since I founded the community.

The Austin Podcasters Meetup is for those that love podcasts whether you listen to podcasts, or have your own. We come together to discuss all things podcasts, from how-to’s, tips, tricks, gear, editing, and more. It is also a great chance to meet other local podcasters and network.

Site: AustinPodcasters

The Smaller Projects


For more details on publishing projects, check out ApexThis.