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If you’ve been reading the blog, then you’ll know the goal in starting it was to get back into writing by sharing articles, essays, and stories of things that were on my mind. And questions I needed answered. A majority of the topics center on Writing, Book Reviews, and Productivity.

The newsletter will continue this but with some added, more personal, insights, introspection, and behind-the-scenes. Overall, the newsletter will include:

  • Content from the blog (duh)
  • Things I’m consuming, learning, and creating
  • General state of mind/focus for the week
  • Updates on personal active projects such as podcasts, videos, writings
  • Maybe some design or art

Some emails may contain all of the above, and others may contain one or two.

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Thanks for joining, and I hope you enjoy this ride with me.

P.S. Be sure to grab some coffee or tea for your reads.