What Is This Blog?

To start, a personal blog. A blog in which comprises of my writings and thoughts as a primary means of keeping me writing in some fashion. I’ll share my thoughts on books I am reading, speeches I’ve written, random thoughts on particular topics, personal essays, and more.

Who Am I?

In short, I’m a Creative. That includes songwriting, poetry, technical writing and now fictional writing. I love writing and by extension, I love reading. I also love graphic design but am new to the practice. I enjoy hand lettering and other small doodlings. These are littered throughout the blog.

I also live and work in tech. I started my tech life as a web developer building and designing websites and I still have a love of this but am very out of practice. I don’t consider myself a programmer, but I have enjoyed coding, mostly front-end. I’ve played in video editing, and I LOVE audio editing, the focus in each is in post-production. Speaking of…

I’ve started my own audio production & publishing house where the projects are self-generated. It’s called ApexThis if you care to visit. I also founded and run the Austin Podcasters, a local podcast community.

By day, I work in the technology support field where I provide premier support to customers that use my employer’s development tools software. An easy extension as I also have a software configuration background.

The remainder of who I am can be answered through each piece of my writing.