My Writing Log Stats for 2021

Word count and Type

We are back for another look at my writing log stats. If you’re not aware, I’ve been tracking my writing for the past few years in my wonderful Notion Writing Log Template. You can view my 2020 writing stats, if interested.

⚠️ An important note: I track my writing stats for pure interest. Yes, I can determine a general idea of how much I can write per hour, if needed, for estimates. However, it is important to note that I don’t create any expectations for myself. No goals derived from metrics or anything of the sort. Nor do I try to compare my word count against others. (Obviously, many, many people write more than I do.) The important thing is that I am writing.

Let’s jump into some stats.

Writing Stats for 2021


Before you read the stats, here is the terminology:

  • All Words = Unfiltered. Everything I logged.
  • Words Written = items tracked with writing label.
  • Words Revised = items tracked with revising label.
  • Outlined = items tracked with outline label.


Here is a high-level view of the stats:

All Words29,9265,696 minutes (94.93hrs)
Written26,6943,506 minutes (58.43hrs)
Revised-5921,889 minutes (31.48hrs)
Outlined3,824301 minutes (5.02hrs)
All Nonfiction20,4953,286 minutes (54.77hrs)
All Fiction9,4312,410 minutes (40.17hrs)

Stats Breakdown

Word count and Day

All Words: 29,926 words in 95hrs

All categories of tracked writing. 

The total word count (based on the diff in my writing log) is less than 2020. Why? This year I set aside large projects, and I picked up my copyediting course, which took significant time. This affected my time spent on other projects.

Words Written: 26,694 words in 58hrs

Excludes revisions and outlines.

This excludes other categories of writing. Think of this as my first drafts.

Words Revised: -592 words in 31hrs

Excludes written and outlines.

This is the first full year in tracking revisions. It’s weird, as you can see, of the total words I’ve written (written and outline), I’ve ended up deleting 592 words. I still find this difficult to track, but I do so anyway.

Words Outlined: 3,824 words in 5hrs

Excludes revisions and written.

I have not created many new projects; thus, outlining is still new. It’s also the first full year of tracking this. Nonfiction outlines are typically headlines and bullet points. I then immediately draft. Fiction outlines are a bit more detailed and involve writing story beats.

Word count and Category

Nonfiction: 20,495 words in 55hrs

Nonfiction would be blog posts—like this one—newsletters, personal essays, etc.

Fiction: 9,431 words in 40hrs

Fictional projects included are Waited, Project Door (re-outline), and Project Witch.

Other Fun Facts

  • First Entry of 2021 was Jan 2nd
  • Last Entry of 2021 was Dec 26th
  • All of my writing took place at home (hello, pandemic)
  • June and November are tied for the least entries at ZERO
  • January had the most entries at 22
  • March 19th had the largest single day positive word count at 1,494
  • January 19th had the largest single day negative word count at -934
  • I wrote more in 2020 than I did 2021
  • I spent the most time writing for my blog, followed by the newsletter, and ApexThis podcast.
Time and Project
  • The newsletter has the highest word count followed by the blog, and project witch.
Word count and Project
  • Chapter 2 for Project Witch had the highest word count for a single session.
Project breakdown and word count

On To 2022

And there we are.

I always look back, wishing I wrote more, but this year was very rewarding for me. There is always something that surprises me, and I can’t wait to be surprised by my output in the coming year.

If you want to track your writing, be sure to grab my Notion Writing Log Template.

Happy writing.

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