Notion Writing Log Template v1.3 Update

I made a small update to the Writing Log Template. In this minor update I added two columns: Category and Type.


Two options exist to select from: fiction & non-fiction.


I created this to track my fiction writing and have sparsely included non-fiction items. I figured that I too need to ensure I track this and thus I need a filtering component to identify the style of of writing. I will also likely add a lyric option for song-writing or poetry but I don’t usually track those at word count, thus I will hold off on this.


Two options exist to select from: writing & revising.


I decided that I need to track my editing and revisions. Sometimes the word count is reduced for a piece and other times it is increased. This allows me to track if I am overwriting, in a way, and how much time it takes me to do revisions for a piece.


If you have been using the template, you may want to add these two columns, if you have not already.

Let me know if you have grabbed this template to track your writing and let me know what you think.