Create – Even if it isn’t perfect

I got a new printer and decided to print out a lettering piece I did a while ago so that I could have some desktop inspiration. Upon printing, I learned that the text was no centered. And that’s OK! Why? In short, it is a great reminder for me to continue to create, even though it isn’t perfect. What’s that saying – “Done is better than perfect.” This is something I continue to have problems with and so I need the continual reminders that I will get better the more I do something.

Speaking of printers, why is it so hard to find an all-in-one wide format printer that prints heavyweight paper and excellent photo coloring? It’s either or – I may end up with two more printers – an everyday printer I need for business and personal use, a great photo and heavy paperweight printer, and a die-cutting machine. My home will be overrun with printers.

Do you have any desktop inspirations?